Thursday, August 30, 2012

School is almost here.

Summer is closing in to a fall breeze and cooler nights.  School is coming next week and I can not believe that the summer is gone.  Every year I look at our summer and guilt sets in as I realize that I have done nothing I set out to do.  We did not leave town, go hiking, fishing, camping, or swimming.  My poor kids did nothing this summer.  It has been no different every summer as my job is 80% completed in the summer so that does not leave me much time to plan fun events.  I have been trying to get in some fun things this last week before school but I just don't know what to do.  So like usual, I will plan activities after school starts.  I plan on going out of town soon to relax. 
I also can not believe I have not had any time for any projects.  Last week I did stain my front porch and short fence and that is the extent of it.  I look forward to posting again soon with some projects {as they have piled up} but also about some new changes I have in my families life.
First, I have decided to Home school my son and may bring home my other son soon.  I am trying to pull together our schedule and hope to share my findings and what is working for him.  My son has ADHD and other disabilities that I just can not ignore.  I have pretended that school would work for him, but it has not since second grade.  Now in the seventh grade he is struggling and time to bring him home.  It won't be easy but I did choose to be a Mom and some days it is harder than I thought.  I know I will go on a good, long vacation when my last child moves out. For now, it will be hard work ahead.

My other son has had GERT.  I am not sure exactly what that pertains to and do not care for the diagnosis, only that the medication was not improving it, so I decided to try the GAPS diet.  In three days his symptoms had gone and he was eating the food with no complaints.  That was March and now we are having to plan for meals at school.  I will be adding more on my adventures on the GAPS diet soon.

Finally, crafting... It's fun and I love it but it will be taking the back burner.  I still have some projects but they will be infused with our family changes.  Schooling and strict diets suck much of my time now.  I hope you check in with our new adventures and I love to hear about your experiences with homeschooling or if you are considering the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet.  I have seen some changes I am excited about.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Homemade Body Wash #3

I have been experimenting on different ways not only to save money but also to reduce chemicals my family uses.  What I have learned is liquid soap products have lots of bad stuff I do not want to use.  Bar soap is generally safe, especially if you buy handmade.  Handmade soaps can cost upwards of $4 and more. Lets face it, Bar soap is not fun to use.  It gets slimy and tends to leave a film on my skin.  Making liquid body wash from bar soap does work but again, still tends to be a bit drying and leaves that film.  I wanted to make my own wash from scratch but if lye isn't used than all sorts of surfactants and fillers are needed to create the right slip and foam.  In studying these fillers, they usually are derived and that is what makes them not natural and are toxins or irritants that I do not want to use. 

Some of these products to keep an eye out for are:

SLSA Both are surfactants that make washes sudsy.  They are very irritating to the skin and can damage the cells.  It is a good idea to do some research on sulfates to know for your self.

This site has great info about safer products to use  This site gives a list of ingredients to avoid and companies that they approve.  However, I do believe making it at home can be cheaper and easier.

Here is what I have decided to use for our family body care product:

Castile soap is made with vegetable oils or olive oil.  It can have several beneficial oils and then made with lye for a true soap product.  It does not foam much and is very thin.  But it can be customized and using a foam bottle it does take care of the lather.  Because it is thin it makes it perfect for a foam pump.  Foam pumps are important as Castile soap is not tear free.  The foam is easier to control.  A little goes a long way. 

Dr. Brommer's is easy to purchase in most stores.  The most common Castile soap brand. 
I use one part soap to 3 parts water.  Add fragrance in essential oils that you like and that are good for your family skin.  Make sure to check on safety of use on youngsters.

Some good essential oil combo's

Lavender and vanilla for relaxing. Lavender is anti fungal and anti bacterial.  It is a good all around choice for skin care.


Lemon or Orange for uplifting

Sandalwood is anti bacterial and anti fungal.  It can be used for acne prone and oily skin.

Geranium has some "anti aging" qualities as it treats wrinkles.  It is good for restoring skin and is good for sensitive skin.

Oils can also be added to the custom soap.  Adding oils can help in moisturizing.  Only small amounts are needed. Olive or grape seed can be added.