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In Tips of the day I wanted to be able to share little tidbets that I pick up here or there.  I also have the links to other tips posts I have made.

#1.  I learned today that Lobelia herb tea can help with stopping smoking.  It can also improve croup and other respiratory illness.  I bought some seeds and plan on having it in my garden for those late night congestion coughs my kids have with allergies.

#2  Add Vaseline to your eyelashes at night, can help them to thicken and grow.

#3. Use Baking soda and water for a facial scrub, it may help improve skin problems like acne and roseca.

#4.Wash out your  Water bottles with soap and water then place a paper towel inside to help dry out quicker. 

 #5  Use bread bag closures to label wires so you don't unplug the computer instead of the light you wanted to unplug.
 #6  Those enclosures will hold a smaller wire together and have it labeled for the right device.
#7  If you drop a device in water, place in rice to absorb moisture.  It should sit over night or more.  Just make sure it is not rice you want to eat for dinner, thanks to my son I found this in my rice container.

#8  Repurpose cracker boxes for packed lunches and snacks.  Wrap the box with
freezer paper and a quick note.  Freezer paper works great as a dry ease white board.

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