Thursday, January 24, 2013

GAPS school lunches

Packing GAPS lunches aren't the easiest, especially making sure it gets eaten. I planned the intro diet to start during break to get through the first detoxing and to have more food options. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of packed lunch.

1. Talk to the school about incentives.
It's very important to let your child's school know that they are on a specific diet. No candy or sugar treats. I asked the lunch crew to offer tokens for my son if he shows them an empty container.
It's not too much effort for the school if by putting the responsibility on the child to check in.
2. If you can visit durning lunch time. I plan on twice a week on days I send soup. Soup is the hardest for my son to eat.
3. Snacks at school need to be GAPS. I send ground beef, soft vegetables, and later when he is ready, scrambled eggs.
4. Keep communication open with the teachers. When my son has a poor day I get an email about his behavior. This has been important to see how new foods affect him at school. I recently introduced eggs for breakfast. Later that day the teacher emailed me to let me know. I would not have known that eggs should be held off for a week longer with our the detail from the teacher.
5.  Snacks like beef jerky or nuts are great for afternoon on the bus.

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