Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 4 Detoxing

 GAPS intro diet is designed to give a gentle detox of the body.  There are so many things we introduce to our system that overloads our organs.  Detoxing is also killing bad bacteria and yeast in the gut and through out the body. 

Here are some resources for the Intro Diet

However, when detoxing a Healing crisis can occur and last night it did.  

My 6 year old has been doing great.  He loves eating the food with minor complaints.  Usually I offer a game or activity after he drinks the broth or eats the soup and that works well to motivate him.  He had a  reaction  around 7pm with leg cramps.  He has had severe leg cramps at night since he was one.  The doctor said they were just "Growing pains" but they miraculously went away shortly after we started on GAPS last March.  Last night they came back at the worst he has ever had.  On top of that he also got very itchy all over his body.  Fortunately, I was able to treat him with essential oils and detox baths that helped reduce the reaction and pain.  

Reactions happen for several reasons.  It may be a new food was introduced that they are not  ready for or detoxing is going too fast. I was a little surprised,  I have not added in other detoxing things like pro-biotics, fermented foods, or garlic.  

I did carefully look at our day of food to make sure nothing new was introduced today.  If I had given him garlic, pro-biotic, or fermented foods, I would have decreased them the next day and more slowly introduced themWhen ever introducing a new food like dairy or fresh foods, a sensitive test should be done.

Sensitively testing: 
Mash up food and place a small amount on the inside of the wrist.  Let it dry on the skin at night before bed.  Of the area is red or irritated in the morning, the person is not ready for this food yet.  Try testing again in a few days.  I also use this test on my youngestWhen he was just starting foods at 6 months, I used the test for all new foods added to his diet.  It is a great way to test for sensitivities for infants.

 Drawing out the toxins is important to feel better each day.  Once toxins are being released into the system reactions can occur like sleepiness, skin irritations, cramps, bloated, and even flu like symptom. Helping pull those toxins out of the body can reduce those symptoms and help your body work more efficiently.

Here are some things to do to lessen reactions to detoxing:

 Ginger tea with a little honey between meals.
  Ginger is a great way to help your body eliminate toxins from your body.  Ginger can also be added to bath water with salts or soda.  Ginger makes you sweat out the toxins.

Detox baths
Whether it is a foot soak or full bath, they should be done daily for the first week or so.  When ever my kids have mood swings, I sit them down and soak their feet.
Essential oils 
Essential oils are a great way to help treat pain, and illness with out introducing toxins in the body.   They can also aid in detoxing the body and helping the liver work more efficiently. 
 (More on Essential oils soon)
Baking soda Baths 
Baking soda is great for balancing the ph of the skin and helps to gently pull toxins from the body.  I also use it to wash my youngest boys hair and skin.  No soap is needed.  It also makes thier skin amazingly soft.  It can be purchases at Home improvment stores in very large bags for $7 or so.

Apple Cider Vinegar   
Add in 1/2 cup for a full bath, 1/4cup for foot soak.  Another form of detoxing.  Also relieves pain and aches of the muscles.

Epsom Salt
Epsom salt is good for muscle pain and absorbing magnesium.  It also pulls toxins from the body.

All three should be used in rotation.  Each have different detoxing benefits.  They can be combined.  

Magnetic Clay Baths
  You can find them here:
Clay is a great toxin puller and easy to use.  It is also a bit more detoxifying then the three above.  I use them weekly on my boys.  ( Clay baths on first use can loosen bowels and cause frequent bowel movements the day after.  They can be great for those that have a constipation reaction when on GAPS)


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