Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween fun has started with door to door treats. With kids on special diets this is one night they get candy. So how I the best way to handle holidays? I decided to give my kids one day of all out candy and then donate what's left. This weekend we will be stuffing piƱata and donate them to the local family housing. As fat as the aftermath of sugar in my children's system detox baths and charcoal tablets to help absorb the grains and sugar tonight. It certainly is so much more of a treat when candy is so rare in our diets.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Portland Art Museum

Today with school out I took my family to the Art museum. To my surprise was the Greek exhibit. This meant an education on the body. At first my boys were a bit embarrassed but quickly it wore off. Being able to talk about the form of body and sculpture changed how we looked at the body in the eyes of the Greeks.

Quietly going through the museum we found pieces that we liked and some we didn't. It's amazing how some art affects us differently.

Pictures of:
Dionysos god of wine.
Two boys fighting over knuckle bones

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Homemade soda alternative

With our new family diet I am very limited to what treats my family gets. I have had to be very creative with offering treats. I just can not keep even honey around otherwise my kids eat it in anything from herb teas to yogurt. I finally switched to Maple syrup just because they don't think about it to sweeten.

Today I came up with a good reward treat that works for us. Homemade pop. It's simple and unsweetened. Root beer extract and carbonated mineral water. Other extracts can be used like cherry, anise, or vanilla. I prefer essential oils like grapefruit or wild orange. The root beer really offers the flavor without sweeteners.
For those of you that just can't quit pop or want to offer your kids something other than pop or treats this works well for my family.

Now I just need to find a pure organic extract for my family.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Decorations

I am so excited for Fall and most importantly Halloween.  I love decorating for this season.  I thought I would even change the blog for the month.  I wanted to show off my fall decorating.  I kept it simple and more fall this year.  Less skeletons and more leaves and pumpkins.

 I love the new banner looks.  I had this from a swap party and thought it would work well.  I also used my Silhouette to create bats that are all over our house. 
 Dollar tree is great for the little things like these hanging skeletons.

                                                             Happy Harvest!!