Wednesday, January 2, 2013

30 days on GAPS intro Day 1

Start of the new year and after all the holiday treats, gatherings, and outings, is a great time to start over. GAPS diet is not new to my family, I started my kids last March on GAPS. The more I learn and experience I become more and more committed. My kids are well versed with what to eat and do fairly well with the food; where as, my husband and I not so much. Since we started this last year, we have learned how to treat ourselves out of sight of our kids. Now it's time the while family is on board.

As for my kids running through the stages again. We have all turned to the most convenient foods available on this diet. Yogurt, cheese, eggs, and fruit. I do my best to limit them but they are easy to grab while waiting for that fresh cooked meal. I see that my sons are still having reactions to dairy and sweets ( like fruit and honey). Fruit in the summer is all to available and yogurt is so easy to grab instead of heating up vegi's and meat on the stove.

 Generally we don't go off the diet much, although I have made some decisions on what I accept thy is outside the strict diet. But starting the intro diet is still hard to do.  Our family has been on full GAPS since school let out in June.  I wanted to make sure we could eat salads for the summer.

Over the next month I wanted to post on our experiences, choices we have made, and how to make it easier for your family.  Those who are considering GAPS, Paleo, Caveman, or Traditional, these tips can help save time and know that it can still heal your body even with some mistakes.

Our first day one the Diet:

Today I started with a turkey soup.  Simple and easy to make and lasted for snack and lunch.  Day 1 is very restricted to soup, broth, and about 5 vegetables. Since the holidays were so close, I saved the turkey bones and made 3 batches of broth from just the bones.

Simple turkey broth

After cutting away the meat put bones and drippings in a large stock pot or crock pot and cover with water.
Sea salt
Parsley and any other herbs desired
Bring to a boil and simmer for 4-6 hours.

Strain broth off into a container and start again with bones.  Save any meat and soft parts attached to bones, for soups.

Simple Turkey Soup

Turkey broth
turkey meat
Salt and pepper
half of leek chopped
bring to a boil and simmer 20 minutes

My daughter loves to season our soups, I keep several fresh and frozen herbs around.
I also like to pack the soup with meat and vegetables.  This way it is easy to pull them out for a snack or if the kids just won't eat soup, I can strain a cup of broth out of the soup and pull out the vegetables and meat they can still eat with it not being soup.  For the first week we will be eating soup for breakfast either separated or as soup.  I make sure to make enough for snack.

For the most of the 6 stages of the diet everything needs to be cooked with broth.  Having enough to use in soups and cook other things in is important to have stocked up.  By making a turkey plenty of broth and meat can be used to last a family for several days.   

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