Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laundry Tips 101

With 6 people in my home now, one a new baby, I do alot of laundry.  I want it to go smoothly and cheaply.  I do like to save money and have great results.  It starts with my Laundry Detergent recipe and now other tips for saving time and getting the spots out.  You may also like my Dish Washer Detergent too.

1. Oils in clothes.

Oily stains can be removed with Salt and Lemon juice

Salt will absorb the oils and Lemon juice helps whiten.
Oily spot can also be treated with dish soap, as it is a degreaser.

2.  Remove static

Dryer sheets are a controversy on whether we need them and if they have toxins that are harming us.  I do know that they have wax in them that is meant to help repel liquids on clothes.  It also clogs your dryer screen and can cause a higher risk for fire in the lint compartment.  You can save by not using the sheets and add 1/4 cup vinegar to your rinse cycle.  You can also try using concentrate fabric softener and spray it on a rag then throwing it in the dryer.  The problem is still chemicals.  A dryer ball or tennis ball helps disperse the static and is very inexpensive.  The Dollar store has dryer balls. 

3. Wrinkles

If you shake you clothes out of the dryer, which also disperses static, hang in your closet.  The wrinkles will relax.

4. Whitens

Vinegar, Lemon juice, Hydrogen Peroxide added in place of bleach or as a stain treatment after you have tried washing the stain out.  Use on light colored clothes.

5. Homemade pretreater

Mix Washing soda and Hydrogen peroxide equal parts and 2 parts of hot water.  Heat until mixed and put in a spray bottle.  You can also use Baking soda in place of washing soda.

6.  Sunlight

Cloth diapering Mama's know this trick.  Protein spots can whiten if placed in the sun.  Try washing out with dish soap and if the spot is still there, layout in the sun. 

7.  Treat right away.

One thing I have started doing with my fourth baby is treating right away.  I think with all my other babies I just was not organized enough to always treat spots.  Now that I know I am handing all my little ones clothes to my sisters, one having recently had a boy and one expecting another baby, I want to make sure they go in good condition.  I used an empty creamer bottle and filled with laundry detergent and placed in my bathroom.  I can rinse the stain and soak in the sink.  It is also convenient for washing my unmentionables. 

8.  Having a Zote or Fels-Naptha bar around is also great for stain treating.  It can also be kept in a near by sink for easy quick stain treatments.  Wet fabric and rub bar on the stain.  Both are strong and will get just about any stain out. 
Castile soap can also be used to pretreat.  It is a vegetable based soap and can be found at most natural grocery stores.

9. Baking soda

Baking soda is great for deodorizing and whitening.  It also can absorb oil as the salt does.  Add 1/4 cup to a wash load for a booster.

10.  Washing soda

This is a great alternative to other laundry booster that are full of phosphates.  Phosphates are what damages out water and fish.  It is outlawed in some places in the detergent but still can be used in boosters.  This can be added to a wash load or used in the homemade detergent.  You can also make it into a paste and scrub at the stain.  I also use it for cleaning around the house.  Great Eco friendly product.

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