Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

I am glad I took some time to prepare for today.  I usually have all intention and nothing to show for it.  I was able to purchase chocolates for my kids and got each a small gift.  I found some solar paper for my boys to experiment on, that is going to be fun.  I also planned a tea party for them when they come home.  Cookies and home made treats while we spend some time together today. 

Last week end we went on a scavenger hunt for valentines.  I set out with my boys in search of natural hearts in nature.  I wanted them to really spend some time outside and pay attention to nature around us.  That was my intention of course it does not always go as I planned. 

For inspiration I started off with heart shaped (gluten free) pancakes and had the kids find hearts around the house.

We set off down the street headed towards a local school garden.  The boys fought most of the way about who had the better scooter.  I just about gave up but once we made it to the Wind mill it did get better.  My youngest started finding shapes similar to hearts. 

Once on the trail the scooters got put down and finally some peace.  It really was harder than I thought to find hearts but here are a few of what we saw.

I really enjoyed doing this with my boys. 

This heart is upside down but fit the mold, none the less.

I just liked this bird house, I fore see a project coming up soon.

This rock was a good heart shape, again upside down in the picture.

Raising boys, now I have 3, is challenging. Moments like this help soften the noise, and I hope are the memories they carry with them. I hope you find time to enjoy those you love in your life. 

With Love

Tricia Marie

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