Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Natural Color Eggs

This year I thought it might be fun to naturally color eggs for Easter.  We really wanted to try the colors on several things so I let my boys pick out some materials to dye.  We went with white yarn, white shirts from JoAnn fabrics for $4 a shirt, and Eggs.  I pulled out our frozen berries for blues and purples.  Onions make brown, spinach for green, and beets for reds, and Carrots for orange.  Mustard for yellow.

You throw the color ingredient in a pan with water and simmer for 10-15 minutes.  Strain out the solids and mix in vinegar 1 tsp.  Set the eggs or what ever you are dying and have great colors.  It is fun to see how we can create things at home and actually see where they come from.

 I set a goal this week to only use what I have on hand.  I did not have all the things for the colors listed above but my boys started coming up with ideas.  It became our little concoction party.
 I had some Chlorophyll on had and used it for green.  It separated with the vinegar so it left spots instead. I did use it with out vinegar and it worked great. They dried on and look great.  Black beans made a gray and cinnamon with onion skins made brown.  If you add to much vinegar it will create bubbles on the surface and scratch off the color.  It will dry on if you are careful with the eggs.
 The blue berries made the best and darkest color.  My son got a little wild with the vinegar and thought adding more would be better.  That is why they have scratch marks on them. 
Overall my boys loved seeing how we can make colors out of our cabinets.  They wanted to try other things to see what worked.  Prune juice makes a great soft orange, cranberry juice is a soft lite red, and mustard did well with yellow.  I am definitely doing this again with my kids, it was so much more fun.  Let me know how yours turns out, I would love to see them.

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  2. I had no idea natural colorants could turn out so....well.....colorful! This little project here reminds me of how close we are to spring and I can hardly wait. Thanks for teaching me something new today I am your newest follower :)

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