Saturday, February 25, 2012

Domino pendant

Even though I have a brood of boys (FYI brood is three or maybe three is just a gaggle not sure:) I do like to make some easy girly crafts too.  Of course my Teen daughter thinks I am just lame. Yesterday alling me a Portland mom.  I asked her what that meant as I may have a different idea of Portland mom.   Her idea was different, she meant someone that makes "things and stuff".  I thought it would be closer to a tree hugging, recycler, that uses rain water to wash, then collects the wash water to water the yard.  Since I am a closet hippie I do not admit to any of these things. ( Besides I use the bath water to wash the bathroom and water the house plants.)  Any whoo,  I made these cute pendants from the Dollar store domino's, stickers, and chain that I saved from decoration on a pair of jeans. 
 After the stickers go on, use this Dimensional Magic to put a clear coat over the top.  Be careful not to add too much.  It can easily go over the edges.
 I glues a loop on the back and it' s ready for a chain. This one was to girly for my hipster daughter so...
I made one a bit more organic for her.  I used a large clasp to hod it to the chain.  She liked it and put it on for me.  I gave the other one to my little niece and she liked it. 

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