Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Airplane Art

I was ask recently, by my sister to paint airplanes for my nephew.  Not my strongest point to paint in a realistic way and especially planes.  They seem so perpendicular.  I am more of a round and soft artist but the challenge was fun.  Here is how I put it together.
I thought it might be fun to photograph and make a time lapse of what I did.  This is the first time I did this so the photo's weren't quite as precise as I should have gotten them.  I wanted to share how I created it and how you can also create your own art.  I started by looking at Graphic Fairies site for plane graphics.  I found one and used it for inspiration.  If you wanted to create this you could just trace it on and paint it in.  I did a free hand, though I think tracing would have given me the same finish.

After priming a canvas with gesso, I brushed on white acrylic paint mixed with small amounts of water.

 I continued to add blue until I liked the back ground.
 Once the background was ready, I used a glass to dip in dark blue and paint circles, they represent clouds.
 I them drew on the plane and filled it in with gesso.

 I added the colors for the plane.  I also realized I needed to paint the green under the first wing and not under both so I corrected it.
 I also painted a second one.  It is a bit blimpy but I still think It turned out great.
Let me know what you think and if you have some art, I would be glad to stop by your site and take a look.  I love comments and new friends.

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