Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chenille Blanket DIY

I am so excited about this blanket.  It has been months in the making, four months since I started it the night before Little man was born.  I just do not have the time to sit and sew with Little man.  Other projects seem to go faster than this one.  It has been worth it.  It started with a simple search for new blanket ideas and I found Aesthetic Nest and she has a beautiful tutorial on how to make chenille in several different ways.  Here is how I did mine.
 Since I started it so long ago, I don't have photo's of the steps.

Here is before it is washed.
Cut the size of blanket out you want.  Use 3 layers of flannel and a top fabric.    Sew lines on the Bias 1/2 inch apart.  Once done cut between stitch rows.  I used long scissors but Olga makes a chenille cutter, if you find one.  Finish the edges off and throw in the wash.  It will start to fray the edges and looks amazing.  I am ready to make another if I could put the baby down long enough.

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  1. Since I have a grand baby on the way, I need to get started on a blanket like this one. I love look and feel of a chenille blanket.
    I am a new follower.