Saturday, March 10, 2012

Succulents cutting to root

I have loved succulent plants ever since I was little.  My mom who did not like working in the garden much, had Hens and Chicks in our front yard.  I planted some at our first house and now have several variety's in and around my new home. They are great for any where, as they like dry areas and in the Northwest its wet and they seem to do fine.  Here are what you can do with them and hopefully you will fall in love with them too.

Here is how to take cuttings and start new plants.
 Pull off stems from plants. 
 This one already started a new plant when it fell off in to my pot.  They root very easily.
 Cut into sections.  This is an Aloe Vera plant.
 These cluster and can be pulled carefully at the base and wiggled out.  Make sure to leave as long a stem root as you can.  This can be stuck into some dirt and it will root quickly.

                                                      I have them all around my house.
 Finally, I stuck the cuttings in dirt, they also like sand and pea gravel.  Water sparingly.  They will take hold very quickly so just transplant into the ground or in a pot.  Soon you will have more clusters.  I do plant them in a dryer place outside in our NW weather.  Good drainage is very important.  For those of you who forget to water, these are great as they do not need much watering.
 Here are some stone crop that trail.  I just planted a basket full of succulents so tune in soon.

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