Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planting a Hanging Basket

Spring is coming closer and our weather is getting warmer.  I am so excited to be outside and get my hands in some dirt.  I have several plants I could not help but purchase at my local Nursery and I am ready to get started.
I have been looking for Coconut husk inserts for my hanging baskets for some time. It has been too early in the season and haven't seen them. The Dollar store finally had some. I am to cheap to buy one the right size so I will make them work for my baskets.

 I pulled and stretched to make it work.  I am using succulents so they can handle a dryer soil.  If I were using other plants I would layer it.  It still would be cheaper than buying one the right size.
 I wrapped ivy branches around the outside.  They will root and have long trails, it will also help keep it insulated as they grow roots.  If they do not root, I will pull off the leaves and have some added interest with the branches.
 I cut a hole in the husk and pulled a plant through.  This can be done with flowers as well. It creates a fuller basket.

 I also chose some stone crop to hang over the sides.
Since it started snowing, I needed to bring it in overnight.  I also wrap the bottom with clear plastic bags if it is too cold.  Our weather lately has been unpredictable.  Last weekend it was sunny and sixty and today it was snowing. 

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  1. I just saw 12 inch coco liners at walmart for 92 cents... just so you know!