Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ivy Vine Wreath

 I really was excited when I figured out I could use Ivy for replacing grapevine.  I know I am so cheap, but this is cool.  I should have named my blog cheapskate.  This was a perfectly free wreath.  I kept it simple to show off the vine. 

 I got the idea for the flowers on Pinterest,(I love to be pinned ;))  You can see the original wreath, I could not find the original maker for it.  Click my Pinterest button to see my boards.
 I just cut the egg carton cups into flowers and glued paper circles to the centers.
I have so many new ideas for ivy vine,  you will be seeing it again.

Side note:  English ivy in the Northwest is very invasive and takes over trees and plants.  This is a good way to help reduce ivy and use the vines. 
Next week I am taking a class on Basket making with ivy.  I will post on that so you have something new to do with it.
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Nice job! I love that you made your own wreath from Ivy vines. Following you via GFC and looking forward to more!

    1. I love that you left a comment and thanks for following me.

  2. What a great idea! I love the way it turned out and that you used an egg carton!!

  3. Very cute idea! Who knew an egg carton could be so cute! Thanks for linking it up to Cutesy Monday!