Friday, March 23, 2012

Clean Paint lines.

Painting baseboards and corner lines can be frustrating when you get paint bleed through under the tape.  There are many tricks to avoid this even buying Frog tape can help.  However, the cost of frog tape can be avoided with just using masking tape with this trick.  I use this especially for tape lines on stripes or patterns on the wall.  It is easy when you have both colors you are dividing.  There are several tricks and I will be coming back to those over the next several weeks. 

 When I painted the baseboards, I overlapped onto the wall.  Now I can tape off for the wall paint.
 Once the tape is down rub over it with a rag to seal it down and then paint using the color underneath.  If any paint bleeds through it will be the white and will dry the tape down.   Let the white dry and then paint the wall as you would.  Once the paint is dry again pull the tape off.  Now you will have razor sharp lines. 

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  1. Nice one! I didn't know you were supposed to paint the white color first. That makes more sense. And just in case you didn't know, because I found out the hard way, if you reply to someone who commented they aren't sent anything to tell them you did. It simply leaves another comment on your page. See you tomorrow!

  2. Well, that's cool! I think that's the first time I've ever seen it go over the tape 2x with paint, but it makes an awful lot of sense. Thanks for sharing!:)

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