Thursday, March 15, 2012

Air plants

Air plants {not like air guitars}  are fun and easy to have around the house.  They are easy to care for because they get what they need just from the air.  They do need moisture so I spritz this one once a week and the rest I soak for ten minutes once a week.  I also do put them in the sun just after watering. 
 I copied this light bulb idea from a google search for terrariums.  I went through 3 bulbs to get it right.  It really is stunning and fun to have on display.  It would be great for a desk top.
 These are small ones and they do come in much larger sizes.  It is endless where you could put them as they go where other plants can not. 
 This one is more whimsy, I like the way it curls.

They make for an easy terrarium.  I use sterile moss from the Dollar store or just some rocks or marbles.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. That air plants inside a bulb looking container is a great idea. I like to have one.

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