Monday, March 26, 2012

Twenty tips you can't do with out

1.  When your feel sick and stuffy put some Vicks on your heels. It absorbs quickly and you can feel it work in 10 minutes.
2.  Lemon  or Orange peels down sink disposal will clean and freshen your sink.
3.  Lavender essential oil drops in water,  spray against bugs, like bed bugs.  They don't like it.
4. Tea tree oil spray for disinfecting.  A few drops in water is a great anti bacterial.
5.  Use a  Can lid or yogurt lid on top of a can of pop to keep it fresh in the fridge.
6. Lanolin for softening skin
7. To catch fruit flies with a funnel and sweet vinegar placed in a jar.  The funnel will let them in and they can't get out. 
8.Use rubber gloves to get hair off your couch
9. Vaseline on your eyelashes at night is suppose to help them thicken and grow, (besides it will condition them.)
10. Use chilli hot sauce to get rid of ants in your kitchen.  Place it along the path of the ants and along the back of the countertop.  They don't like it.
11.  Remove paint drops of latex with window cleaner.  Let sit to soften and rub off with a green scrub pad or credit card depending on surface.
12. Magic erasure to remove crayon off walls.  {its my favorite cleaner tool.}

13.  To keep little mans socks on use a soft scrunchie around the ankles,  make sure it is soft and loose.
 14.  Use your vacuum brush extention to clean vents.

 15.  Milk in glass is amazing!!!
 16.  Try Coconut oil replacing crisco or butter for cooking pancakes to cookies.  It adds a touch of coconut flavor.

17. Use a flat head screw driver to knock in molly's.  Then fill the hole. 

18.  Place tape on the corners of the vacuum to help protect baseboards from getting marked.

19.  Use a plastic bottle cap to hold up colored eggs.

20.  Use baking soda sprinkle on carpets to freshen.  It absorbs odor and then vacuum up.

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  1. hahaha I so remember opening the fridge growing up and seeing mom's soda can with a pringles lid on top and sneaking a sip! The best part was years later when we told her we did it she had no idea, haha! It did keep it from going flat!