Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chevron Painted Rug

With our recent move, I have some misplaced furniture and items I am trying to re purpose or sell on Craigslist.  This was my old office rug and since I don't have an office anymore I thought I might try to use it for another room.  I really was not sure how I would like it or not may be I would sell it or something.  Now that it is done I could not like it more. I thought I would cut it in half for my kitchenette table space but I really like it too much.  I think I may be revamping my dining room, Coming Soon. 

 It was a plain old Berber $40 white rug.  I had art charcoal and paint on it, but for the most part it is in good shape.

 I measured the best I could and did my pattern.  I was not perfect about it as I wanted it to look worn and besides, I do not like to measure.  With a 4 month old I barely have time to do this.
 I measured with a school ruler to make sure as I laid the tape down it was even acrossed.
 Then my kids Danced a jig and rubbed the tape down.
 My younger boy spritzed the rug with water and I painted with brush to rub it in.  I also added water as I went to let it soak into the fibers.
 I had the paint watered down 2:1 water.  
 I was happy the paint did not run under the tape, It must have been the Jig.
 I Love, Love, Love it!!  The teal turned out fantastic.
                                                                      I love Chevron's.

I am so ready for spring and great bright colors.  I have big plans to add color with my Thrift store finds.  Stop in and check those out, Coming soon.

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  1. So cool, you should come re-decorate my house. It's feeling pretty blah lately.

  2. This is great! I am starting to get on the Chevron wagon the more and more I see neat stuff like this! FOllowing you! Would LOVE to have you like this up at my party thats still going on!

  3. Oooo, I love this! Thanks for linking it up at Cutesy Monday!


  4. I so want to try this. Thanks for showing the tutorial on how you did it. I will be giving it a try.


  5. This was a great project! I’m always fond of recycling, and this is definitely a nice way to improve old rugs. I never tried doing this because I’m not that talented when it comes to doing DIY projects. I’m scared that I might ruin it all instead of recycling it. But I do some maintenance and cleaning on my rugs once a year to keep them beautiful and clean.How was it, by the way? I hope you're still using your lovely carpet.

    ---Jackelyn Lippard---