Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 tips for $$ saving green cleaning

I started working part time last week.  It is amazing how quickly life gets thrown off.  My house is an utter mess and I am going nuts!  I am home all day today so I am ready to clean. 
So I strapped on baby and went to work. In my short experience as a professional cleaner, I have learned some tricks and found ways to save and still get the great clean. Here are my tips to save money, time, and be more eco friendly while your at it.

  1. Best cleaner ever!

Think about how little soap you use when you wash a sink full of dishes.  A teaspoon to a tablespoon is all you need.  You can add more to water in your reusable spray bottle, (so you still can have the cute Method bottle).  It is great for all surfaces because it is Anti-bacterial, non streaking, doesn't leave water spots, and degreasing.  You can add vinegar and tea tree oil if you like but is not necessary.  ( I don't like the smell of vinegar so I don't use it.)  Dawn is also my favorite brand for cleaning.
Tip:  Tea tree oil is great for disinfecting only a few drops is needed per bottle for that extra benefit.

    2. Safe oven cleaning

Stop using those toxic cleaners.  Did you know that oven cleaners can damage a self cleaning oven finish.  There is a much better, safer way to clean an oven.
Heat oven only a few minutes.  Spray the Best cleaner ever all over inside, heavily.  Let sit for 15 minutes or so.  This softens the dry stuck on stuff.  Use an old sanding sponge to clean the inside.
I am sure you have them in your garage or in your project box.  When they don't work any more for sanding, use it for cleaning.  Wet and scrub.  You can use it for other cleaning you just need to be careful not to press to hard to scratch the surface.  You won't have to worry about that for the oven, it won't scratch easily.  If you can't get some of the spots off, soak again in the Best cleaner, or you can use a putty knife to scrape it off.

    3. Soft scrub Cleaner

Borax and baking soda, Mix together and use as you would Comet.
Great for sinks and counter tops and will not scratch.  The soda deodorizes as well.

    4. Nylon scrubby

I am sure you have used these and then throw them out.  Use them for cleaning they work great to scrub with out scratching.  Use with #3. and clean shower stalls, tub rings, and sinks. 

   5. Leave a polished finish

Once you have cleaned the sink, faucet, counter tops, and even the fridge and stove tops, use a furniture polish to leave a shine.  It also helps to repel spots and will keep things cleaner longer.
Tip: Use this for stainless steel to help reduce fingerprints showing.

Make sure not to use to much, you don't want an oily finish. This is my splurge as I love the scent.
We used this for homes on the market that needed to sparkle when it is shown. 
Tip: you can also use spray cooking oil.  It works great, just use small amounts on a rag to wipe on.

     6. Rust rings in you toilet or sinks

I am sure you have tried the pumice stone and maybe even the metal dish scrubbers just to see that you scratched the porcelain finish.  That is not what you want to do as it is permanent.  Using a drywall screen works great and is easier to control.  You can get them at a hardware store and one will go along way.  Get a fine grit and cut a one inch square.  Use only on the scale and not on the porcelain areas.  Rub lightly and it comes off fast.  Throw the square away and that one screen will last many cleanings by only using a small bit at a time.  This can also be used in the oven cleaning to work on tough spots.

       7. Eraser

These are the best things to come out for the green cleaner as they use water to scrub.  These are great for cleaning surfaces and wipe after with the Best cleaner.  Great for polishing.

       8. Fiberglass

The best thing to use is the best cleaner. Fiberglass scratches easily and stains.  The Eraser will help remove spots.
Tip:Use spray oil, like Pam, or tip #5 to reduce spot appearance and keep cleaner longer.

   9. Mirrors and Glass

Best cleaner works great for mirrors and the nylon scrubby to get water spots off. Rainx   is also great for reducing scum and keeps thing clean longer.

  10.  Vinegar

Using vinegar for mirrors and glass help reduce fogging and water spots.  Use it in the Best cleaner and in your dishwasher for the rinse cycle to keep water spots away.  Keep in mind that vinegar can be made from petroleum.  If the bottle doesn't say what it's made from, like grain, it' probably from petroleum.

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