Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chalk Charger menu

Since we have moved in to our new home, eating dinner at the table hasn't been easy.  The table was the first thing to set up and clear and after that it was covered with sorting boxes and projects.  In an effort to start having family dinner at our table, I put together a simple and inexpensive menu board.  I have the kids help me put together ideas of what we are having for the week and each day write on the board what's for dinner.  It's also great for messages.

This is a charger from Dollar Tree and I had some chalk board paint. I also hung one at the door to leave messages for my family.

Chalk paint is definetly my new friend.  I will be doing more projects with Chalk paint.
I encourage Pinning and comments please.
Happy Painting!!

Tricia Marie

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  1. You are seriously so creative! How do you find the time? I would love to talk to you about possibly selling some of your body products at Mary's office.

  2. I have been considering it. I am just not sure I am that commited. I have all this time right now because my 3 are in school and I am just home with my little guy. Until I work again anyway.