Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bird Cake Feeders

I just watched the movie The Good Year.  It was better than I thought it would be and it made me realize how much I love birds.  I don't bird watch but I do like to have them come to my yard.  There are so many beautiful birds in Oregon why not invite them to our yards. In our new house I want to bring the birds here with feeding them.  Here are some Birdseed cakes that I hung on the trees outside. They are very easy to make and great craft for the kids.

4 cups seeds
3/4 flour
1/2cup water
3 tble honey

Mix and form into shapes or press into cookie cutters.  Let dry on freezer or wax paper, make sure to flip over several times.  I wrapped them with wire to hang or you can make a hole with a straw to hang with string.

Next I am planning to plant new flowers for more birds and butterflies.  I am excited for spring. 

Have fun!

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  1. That is a good way to get birds but not squirrels. Squirrels are cute but they dig up my flowers and I hate that! Birds are good though.

  2. I think that squirrels still may be able to get to these too, My kids love birds and squirrels. They have named a few. I am hoping to bring in humming birds, I miss those. This was fun to make.

  3. How adorable and fun! I love watching our birds from my window, and this is a very pretty way to feed them!

    I am hosting my first link party today, and would love for you to add this, and anything else you like!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real