Monday, June 11, 2012

Ghee Homemade

I have never heard of Ghee or have never seen it at the store.  I have heard some stores carry it for a hefty price but why would I want to use it.  I have always had a reaction to real butter, so I did not use it.  I have used fake, over processed, "You think its butter" products.  Then I stumbled upon Ghee.
It is just clarified butter but has some great qualities.  If you have sensitivities to dairy and butter, ghee is the way to go.

Start with Butter,  Organic is best if you can.
Set in a metal dish or pan and place in the oven at its lowest temp.
Set until it is fully melted, 1 and a half hours -3 hours to make sure the moisture is evaporated.
Then put in the fridge to harden.  Once it is hardened pull out and wipe off the white curds.  They do not re harden, it will be drippy and easy to wipe.  Some brands float to the top and can be scraped off when it is pulled out of the oven.  The brand I used the whey sinks to the bottom.  I have found it much easier to let it set then wipe off the whey.

 The Whey is at the bottom.  It is a white color, easy to see what needs to be separated.

The great thing about Ghee is it adds great flavor to cooking without burning like butter does.  It also has great restorative abilities.

*My Norwegian ancestors used Ghee with Fermented cod liver oil on the bedsides of deathly ill patients to bring them back to health. 

*It is an easily digested fat that can decrease the risk of cardio vascular disease.( if eaten in moderation)

* It has shown to improve weight loss.

* Helps improve digestion  and aids absorption of vitamins and minerals.

* Has anti viral properties

* Immunity boosting

* a great fat for brain development in children.
* It can last outside the fridge for long periods with out going rancid.  Make sure it is kept away from water for long lasting Ghee.
* Doesn't loose its flavor like butter does over time.

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