Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wedding Flowers

Recently I was able to help creating flowers for a wedding.  I spent many hours looking for the right  flowers that the bride liked.  I wanted to share them so it might save someone some time searching.  Hydrangeas and mixed flower bouquets are very popular. With using a glue gun and silk flowers to make the boutonnieres they are nice and pretty.
 Hydrangea Boutonnieres made from Silk flowers.  Hydrangeas do not last long and silk do look real enough. The rest of the flowers are real.  The stem is ls wrapped with the leaves of the flowers.
 Beautiful Bouquet made by my sister Christy.  Hydrangea, Rose, Peony, and purple flowers.  The stem is wrapped and pearl pins added for detail.
 Here are the table centerpieces with out the water.  They were prepared before hand and filled with water on site. 
Several bouquets were made for display on site. 


  1. Pretty flowers! I'm glad they worked. Oh and the "purple flowers" are lisianthus :)

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