Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Faux Mercury Glass

I have been waiting to get this project going and finally it is.  I found this fantastic pear jar at the thrift store for a couple dollars, I thought it would be perfect for mercury glass.

I started with spritzing the inside with water and vinegar.  I just mixed them equally.  I shook it and had it sit for a few to let the water move around and drip down.  This creates the mottled affect.
 I wrapped the outside with plastic food wrap and taped the edge. 
I used a chrome Rustoleum spray paint.  I do not suggest using this, it does not turn out the same as the Mirror stuff at the craft store.  I just sprayed the inside with it.  It did not look quite like chrome, but it is what I had in my garage so I used it.
 I decided to spray the inside with black to make it solid.  You can skip this step if you want to use it for candles or have it be slightly transparent. 
*Next time I do this, {and I will}, I will use the mirror effect spray at the craft store.
*I would let the drips run down more and have a better pattern.  I ended up with circles while I wanted more runs.

Otherwise I love it.

Tricia Marie

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