Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to infuse oil.

I love using natural oils for my skin and for my families skin.  It is a great way to moisturize and to use for massaging. For my little man I like to use Grape seed oil and now that he is older, almost 7 months, I want to try adding some infusions.  You can infuse oil with different herbs to help treat the skin, aches, and to help relax.  It can also leave a nice scent.  I prefer using oils on my children as I know exactly what is in it.  Most of the oils are food grade and organic.  This eliminates pesticide residue and there is only  one ingredient.  Oils can be used just out of the shower,  You will be amazed at how soft your skin will be.  My baby boy has never had a diaper rash and I feel it is the oil I use to massage him. 

Start by choosing an oil.  Of course you can also use infused oil for cooking,

Olive oil
Almond oil
Grape seed oil
Jojoba oil

There are several more.  I have purchased some online and now I buy them at the grocery store in the baking isle.

Next you can choose what to infuse it with.

I wanted to use Chamomile for a relaxing affect.
 Chamomile is known to calm and soothe.  The scent is relaxing and great for soothing the skin.  It is a great tea for calming for bed.  It is not recommended for pregnant women.

Lavender is great for reducing stress and relaxing.  It works well with chamomile or on its own.  Besides, it has a great scent.

Dandelion has many great qualities for healing.  Externally used is works well in a massage oil for treating aches and pains.  This would also be a good oil to use for cooking with or making dressing. I will be making this infusion soon.  

I chose not to use Dandelion at this time, I wanted to plant some in a clean space in our yard.  Be aware of dogs and foot traffic where you cultivate it, if this is what you want to use.

A nice Chamomile mixed tea was available at New Seasons.  It has flower heads, leaves, and added mint.  This should work great for massage oil. 


I added oil to a dish and soaked the tea in the oil over several days.  I strained it through a coffee filter.  It is ready to go.

 It turns a great soft green, that how you know it is infused.  You can also set the oil and tea in the sun for 2-3 weeks to get a deeper infusion. 

Make sure to do a sensitivity test on the skin. Place a drop on the inside of the wrist. Allow it is soak in and set overnight.  If there is not reaction in the morning, than it is fine to use on little ones skin, {or any one your concerned about}.

Ideas for using your infused oil.

Massage is what I originally started with, but now that I have made it I love the smell.  I plan on using it in a salve for aches and pains, minor abrasions, and bruising.  It can be added to sugar scrubs, lip balm, and body butters.  Tonight I am started a lavender one for a sugar scrub.  All great body care items for Mother's Day.

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