Monday, January 16, 2012

Bottle Cap Lip Gloss

I love making Body products and love using them.  Here is my idea for a simple lip gloss and lip stain while reusing items you may have in you home.

Bottle Cap Lip Gloss

Here is what you need:

1 Tablespoon Vaseline, I like the cocoa butter Vaseline though plain will do just fine.
2 Chocolate chips
Oil candy coloring for lip stain. Wilton is what I used.
6 clean bottle caps
1 tin container
 I used a votive holder and placed the chocolate chips, Vaseline, and a small amout of lipstain.
I might call it a smidgen.
 I takes about 5 minutes microwaved, stiring a bit in between, to melt the vaseline.
 Using a small spoon pour into each bottle cap.  Either hot glue them into the tin or use glue dots, they hold them in place well.
 Small tins work great for one. Larger tins can hold several styles.  I used pink lip stain, chocolate, and plain.  Plain is great when using the cocoa butter Vaseline.
My kids loved these and want to take them everywhere we went. Have fun making yours.

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