Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentines Tea Party

With our recent move I am still unpacking and pulled out a cute tea set. I was surprised
 that my boys were excited about playing tea party.
They set up the plates, cups, and started berry tea.
Making sure we had sugar in the bowl and even
 added milk.   I decided to plan a tea party with some of the
 new neighborhood kids coming up for Valentines day.

"If everyone got mad a me
I wouldn't care a bit
If I could only be dead sure
I was loved a little bit"

Using my old valentines cards my Grandparent saved all these years, I photo copied them and increased the size
by 200% for decorating and for the invitations.
Here is a free download of the valentine cards.

"I'm sending you a mottoed heart
All curved and gaily tinted
Please think of it as fond and true
And not one merely printed"

Both my boys are excited about the party and helped make each decoration.  They may  not care for the lace and hearts, but they do like making tea concoctions.  I especially enjoyed this, as with boys normally I make more monsters and goo. 

"I'd like to take you by the hand
and be your little beau,
For that I love you,
You'd then guess
If you don't already know."

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