Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vintage thoughts

As I was unpacking I found things I had forgotten I even had. Years ago my dad brought home a box of old things. Mostly useless things, yet I kept some of it.   I still love these with all the tattered edges and torn pages.  The three Life magazines from 1961  show a different time at I wanted to share.

 "How sugar brings out the zing in green apple pie" in Life Magazine May 12, 1961.
 The advertisement  states that "Sugar helps dieters put the brakes on calories"  How? you might say, well apparently  the average adult needs 2800 calories a day and with only 18 calories it can satisfies appetite fast with less calories.  I guess my diet is alright then...:)
 Nothing like a break from home cooked meal to have a "TV dinner".  With a description of "Flavory beef" no wonder it was so popular.
Cars worth $2000

 And with all that competition after high school a good dictionary will get them on their way.  Was it really that easy?
"In the Stocks"
These kittens spend 23 hours in experiments
 but fortunately they have a box with their mother for the other hour they have off. 

"What kind of female animal are you?"
                                                       Nothing like sexy lingerie grrrrr

 This guy painting his house.  Don't think I haven't had this idea.  My question is, how is he going to use that ladder?
 Reference: Life magazine May 12, 1961 Vol 50 By Time, Inc.
"Jazzing up chorus line ...socialite of Beverly Hills businessman"

This article "Bevy of Beauties Blacking Out" is on mostly housewives doing a show for charity.  Not exactly politically correct...
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