Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Massage

Massage is a great bonding experience for you and your baby.  It not only feels good for your little one, but it also gives them your undivided attention.  It can also help with teething pain, tummy aches, and achiness, at least a good distraction.

I like to use a good quality oil good for the skin. I have been doing massage since day one and little man has not had any rashes any where.  His skin is so soft and the oil absorbs quickly.  I have really gotten away form lotions as I am not sure what ingredients are in them.  I also do not want to use any petrol products; as in mineral oil and Vaseline. Pure and natural ingredients are best for baby.  You may decide not to use any oils.  Not much is needed.

Some recommendations for oils

Olive oil is great for skin but can sour more quickly than others.
Grape seed oil is light and is the one I prefer
Avocado oil
Coconut oil is also great for the skin.  It comes in a butter form but quickly liquefies.  I do not prefer this as it does have a bit of cooking oil smell. 

Always do a sensitivity test spot by putting a small bit on the inside of the wrist and let sit over night while sleeping.  Any reaction in the morning and do not use on your baby. 

Massage is easy and you and your baby will enjoy it whether it is practiced or not.

I picked up a book at the library and followed it.  I did not follow it very long as I just did what we liked best.  When little man is happy I know he is comfortable. 

Using baby massage is also important to develop your babies sensory.  Massage helps them to feel their body from their core to the tips of their fingers and toes.

  It also gets them used to good touch.  So many children do not like to be touched.  It may be that it does not feel good to them or comfortable.  Isn't it great when we can help our children learn healthy and comfortable touch.
Use this time to look into your babies eyes and talk and giggle with him.  Having a conversation with his expressions and coos helps him develop his language. 

I love night time with my little guy. Evenings generally get a bit noisy and Little man can get cranky so bath time we spend some time together. I always give him a little massage and love the ways this little body wiggles and waves. He always has a great smile and now a bit of a laugh. There are spots he likes more and some he likes for just a bit.
This has become my favorite time with him.  It is a quiet space and at least 10 minutes talking to him.  I hope you give it a try.

Things to try:

Massage around the mouth and cheeks to sooth teething.

Work in circles around the belly to help for tummy aches and gas.

Lightly massage feet and hands.

Start at the shoulders and rub down the tummy to the legs and end at the toes.

Talk about each area being massaged with your baby.

It is easy to do and worth the time spent with your little one. 

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  1. I loved giving all my babies massages. I personally LOVE getting massaged, so why wouldn't a baby!!??