Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY baby toys

I hope all of you had a great Easter.  I spent today going through all those bunnies and eggs and packed them away.  Now on to more projects.  Spring means cleaning and organizing.  My little man is about 6 months and ready to play.  I decided to make some baby toys instead of buying toys at $10 or more at a pop!  That is really just to much for me right now.  Besides, this is my last and I won't be using the toys for any more children, I might as well save some money.  I pulled out some fabric I already had and put together some designs.  I started with drawing out what I wanted.  I wanted simple and easy to sew.  I have found that sewing with an infant is one of the more difficult crafts to do. 

I simply drew out a shape on printer paper.  Cut and pin to fabric. { Ikea has white blanket for $2.50, great for projects and soft, too.}
 I cut out my pieces and sewed them together. I got the idea for monster rattles from Pinterest. They are a bit different than the ones I pinned but there are some good ideas there.
 I did use some bells that I sealed in small cardboard boxes for a rattle in each.  I wanted to make sure they were well sealed in case it ripped open they would not be a choking hazard. 
 Little man loves the ribbons,  he can easily grab them and stuff it in his mouth.
 I used a chip bag for a crinkle noise in this one.  I sewed it in.

 I also sewed on tags from the craft store to add the last touch.  I love the way they turned out.  I just wish I had more time for sewing projects now that I am in the mood for it.

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