Monday, April 23, 2012

Easy Poster make over

 Posters aren't known for being attractive, usually hung on the wall with wrinkles and pin holes. Here is a simple fix that really makes a nice piece of art that your kids will love.  Here is a poster we picked up for free at the movies and I thought I had gotten rid of it because I just did not want it taped to the walls.

 When my son found this poster stuffed in the back of the closet, both my boys were excited to see it again.  However, it had been through the ringer and I did not want it on the wall with push pins or tape.
Here is what I did to save it.
 The corners were torn and it was very wrinkled.
I decided to crinkle it up more and give it
a well worn look.  It is easier than trying to
 hide the damage.

I used foam board from the Dollar store.
I cut it with my fabric cutter and it worked well.
It was already to dull for fabric, now I found a good use for it.
 I smoothed it down onto the board then rubbed
ink over the top to further the aging process.

                                    I found a neat trick on Pinterest and attached a
                                         can tab on the back to hang the poster.

                              I used a pallet board and sanded it down to make a shelf.

                      It is a great way to hang posters, it looks much nicer than those push pins.

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