Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easy Smoothie Treat

 It has been such a busy week, I am ready to relax.  I wanted to have a treat that was better than the treats I usually head for.  I had some Cool whip on hand, although I usually use yogurt, to make this easy sweet treat.

 I use a mix of frozen fruit.  My favorite that is also very inexpensive, is at Costco.  It is a large bag for $8.99.  You can't beat that price.

 Add in equal part cool whip to fruit,  1 cup each.
Add in atleast 1 cup milk of any kind, I like Rice or Almond.

 Blend and enjoy.  I wanted mine to be more like Ice cream, add in more milk for a smoothie.
I also recommend adding in the frozen fruit a few pieces at a time to not burn up the blender motor.
Friday is looking good to be back to crafting.  I found a great glass container for some faux mercury glass, I am excited to try.  Check back for details.

Tricia Marie

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