Thursday, April 19, 2012

Using Chalk Paint

Anne Sloan has a great Boutique paint called Chalk paint.  It is different than Chalkboard paint in many ways.  With its ease of use it may be worth the cost and certainly the look it can create.

Regular and homemade chalk board paint should be used as regular latex paint.  The surface of the project needs to be prepared with sanding, priming, and then painting.  With ASCP  you do not need to prepare the surface.  The label on the can discloses that it can go over most surfaces even Lacquered wood.  Lacquer normally needs to be sanded and primed for any paint application so using ASCP is a great alternative.

I found this great large mirror frame on the curbside driving home one afternoon.  I knew I could not pass it up. 

 It was in great shape and has great detail.  I have a few ideas for it and it was a great candidate for Chalk paint.

 I did not sand or prime the surface as the label says.  The other nice thing about this paint is it is more concentrated for better coverage.  One quart will cover 150 sqft compared to 250sqft per gallon of regular paint. 

One coat did well for what I wanted to do.  I sanded some of the edges and areas it might wear over time.  Than I used the clear wax to seal it.  This is an important step to protect the paint.  I followed with a dark wax that I rubbed into the crevices and than wiped off.  Finally I did one more coat of clear and buffed it for a satin finish.

Come back soon to see how I used this great piece.

 I also have some great tips for using ASCP coming up soon.  I have a few other projects from my curbside find.

Happy Painting!!

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