Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sherwin Williams CHip it

I am looking for ideas to paint different rooms in my house and I found chip it by Sherwin-Williams. 
Sherwin-Williams is my favorite brand as a professional.  They are leading in green paints and that is what I am all about.  I love this idea and I plan on using it for me and my clients.  It is always a difficult tasks to pick colors and now this tool makes it easy to find ones you like.  Of course I also like visualizers that most paint companies offer online.  It is when they change color combo's in a picture of a room or exterior.  This is a great way to experiment with color either way. 

You put the Chip it button on your Favorite bar like your Pin it Button for Pinspire.I am excited to use this more.  Here is where you can get your button Chip it

My laundry room is next to paint.  I have the supplies out and now it is just getting started. 

As you can see I am heading for bright. I just wish I could make my little laundry room bigger.

I will be working on this all week so tune in to see the laundry room before and after. 

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