Saturday, March 3, 2012

Make your own Body wash

I have been on this kick of making my own soaps, lotions, and detergents.  Normally I am a sucker for Target and Bath and Body works scented stuff.  I recently realized how much money I have spent on purchasing these items and I always had purchased too much.  I can easily make my own stuff with the smells I like with so much less cost.  I also get to control what goes in and what is going on my body and my children's.  It started with laundry detergent, that was about saving $30 a month and only spending $8 every three months for supplies that I use for all my cleaning. Which I also use for the dishwasher and for a scrub like Comet.  I also have my body care items I have shared as well. Click links  For all cleaning DIY's and for homemade body care.

With this Body wash I did use bar soap I have had in my cabinet for longer than I will admit.  I just do not use bar soap.  I do love to buy fancy soap from a local maker and my next batch will use that.  I can afford to use a better soap when it makes a gallon of body wash.  Glycerin soap would also work very well.  You can add in oils, essential oils, fragrance, and color if you so fancy. 
Fancy Soap

Label is from the Graphics fairy. Check out her stuff and let her know who sent you. 

Simply grate your soap add in a gallon of water to a large pot and melt on medium to low heat until it melts. Mix in 2 Tablespoons of Glycerin.  Let it sit over night and then blend it.  This step is important as I have learned by not waiting and pouring it in my bottles when it was warm.  It will be very liquid and turn to gel over night.  Blending it will make it more smooth and easy to pour.

I used a glass Milk bottle for storage and reused my previous body wash bottles. 

Use the top of a Plastic bottle as a funnel.  This is a creamer bottle I cut in half.

Let me know what you think and I always loved to be Pinned. 
Check in tomorrow where I will post how to make a Peek a Boo sugar egg. (otherwise known as a panoramic egg).

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  1. If i use a glycerin soap do i still need to add the 2tbsp of glcerin?

    1. I have found that glycerin just helps set up the soap. Higher quality soaps don't need it added and glycerin soap probably won't either.

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  3. I tried this recipe and it turned out to be a gelatinous disaster. :/

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